Visa Claims Resolution (VCR) goes into effect on April 13, 2018

In April 2018, Visa goes live with a new global dispute process called Visa Claims Resolution, or VCR. This new system aims to help reduce timelines and simplify the chargeback dispute process by shifting from the current litigation-based model to a liability assignment model.

 While the new system is designed for overall simplification, it deviates from the existing process in key areas.  

What is Visa Claims Resolution?

Visa Claims Resolution (VCR)

As a reminder, effective April 2018, Visa will make changes to the chargeback program Visa Claims Resolution (VCR). Changes will include consolidation of reason codes into four categories (fraud, authorization, processing errors, and consumer disputes), elimination of pre-notifications for chargeback debits, and the Acquirer response timeframe for disputes received will be reduced from 45 days to 30 days in April 2018 and 30 days to 20 days in October 2018. Merchants are now required to respond to all disputes received within 15 calendar days.

Consumers ready to switch from Passwords to Biometrics

The all-too-common frustration of forgetting a password may soon become a thing of the past, as people become more comfortable with new forms of biometric authentication. Fingerprint, facial and voice recognition are increasingly becoming ways to authenticate a person for access and payments. They are faster, easier and more secure compared to the traditional use of passwords or PINs, which are difficult to remember and easy to steal. Does this mean the password could soon go away?

Fingerprint authentication moves from phones to payment cards

Visa Pilot in the US enables Fingerprints on Cards to Authenticate Transactions


Payment cards are gaining new capabilities as Visa has launched a pilot of a new dual-interface (chip- and contactless-enabled) biometric payment card with Mountain America Credit Union and Bank of Cyprus. This will be the first pilot in the U.S. to test an on-card biometric sensor for contactless payments.