New PCI Guidance on Simplifying Network Segmentation

The PCI Security Standards Council has released new guidance that is designed to help organizations simplify network segmentation, a practice the council strongly recommends to help protect payment card data. "This guidance we've had in some shape or form for many years, but [the new release]...

12 December 2016
Official VISA Release: U.S. Automated Fuel Dispenser EMV Liability Shift Delayed to 2020

 Systems & Operations | Visa Rules 1 December 2016  U.S. Automated Fuel Dispenser EMV Liability Shift Delayed to 2020 U.S. | Acquirers, Issuers, Processors, Merchants, Agents  Overview: The EMV liability shift for U.S. domestic automated fuel dispenser (AFD)...

02 December 2016
***EMV Liability Shift at the Forecourt has been Postponed***

Visa has announced a three-year postponement of the liability shift date for self-serve gas pumps to be certified to process smart chip card transactions. Instead of the original date of Oct. 1, 2017, it is now Oct. 1, 2020, according to an announcement on Visa's website. The...

01 December 2016
Alternative Fuels and Underground Storage Tanks (USTs)

Corrosion of Metal Components in USTs Storing Diesel and Gasoline-Ethanol Blends Corrosion has been commonly reported in USTs storing diesel fuel and gasoline-ethanol blended fuels.  The corrosion generally appears in different areas of the UST system for each fuel. When storing diesel...

30 November 2016
October 2016 Visa Data Shows Rise in EMV-Enabled Merchants

Visa said Monday (November 21, 2016) that its latest chip data update showed 388 million Visa EMV cards in the U.S. Of those, the firm said there are nearly 181 million chip credit cards in the field and 208.3 million chip debit cards. The firm also said that there are 1.7 million chip-active...

22 November 2016
What the Tax Extenders Bill Means For You

 What the Tax Extenders Bill means for you...permanent tax code change can provide significant tax savings. Just before Christmas 2015, President Barack Obama and the Senate approved legislation that provides convenience store owners and other small businesses several significant tax...

02 November 2016
New Jersey Petroleum Products Gross Receipts Tax (PPGRT) Increase

As most, if not all of you, are aware, Governor Christie signed into law an increase of the Petroleum Products Gross Receipts Tax (PPGRT) effective November 1, 2016.  I will attempt to summarize the changes below: GasolineOn November 1, 2016, the PPGRT on gasoline will be 22.6 cents per...

31 October 2016
VeriFone Security Advisory, September 28, 2016

DISCLAIMER: This advisory is provided “as is” for informational purposes only. This security advisory may be shared with Verifone clients. Verifone does not provide warranties of any kind regarding any information contained within. Verifone continues to receive reports that scammers are...

29 September 2016
Examples of Different Types of Skimmers

Attached are examples of different types of skimmers. 

29 August 2016
Skimming Attacks are on the Rise

With skimming attacks on the rise, protecting yourselves from these types of attacks is of the utmost importance.  As a reminder, gas station owners should be made aware that gas skimmers are being installed inside gas pumps. The best way to prevent and detect the installation is to use...

26 August 2016