Combatting Fuel Theft

Higher fuel prices are spurring increased attempts by criminals to steal fuel. Essentially all fraud involving tampering requires access to the equipment, undetected altering of hardware, and knowledge of electronics, no matter what brand of dispenser is involved. Thieves are getting more and more...

29 June 2022
Tax Rate Changes for Maryland & Virginia effective July 1, 2020

The following Motor Fuels Tax changes will become effective as of  July 1, 2020: Maryland      Tax on gasoline will decrease from 36.7 cents per gallon to 36.3 cents per gallon, or $.004 per gallon.Tax on diesel will decrease from 37.45 cents per gallon to 37.05 cents per...

29 June 2020
MasterCard Agrees to EMV Delay

Mastercard will postpone the EMV liability shift for automatic fuel dispensers (AFDs) to April 16, 2021, following the lead of Visa, American Express and Discover to give convenience retailers more time to complete needed upgrades.Additional information may be found here.

01 June 2020
Discover Moves EMV Deadline

Discover announced that they are also delaying the EMV fraud liability shift deadline for chip payments at automated fuel dispensers until April 16, 2021, due to the COVID-19 pandemic.  Additional information may be found here.

01 June 2020
Amex joins Visa in postponing U.S. Gas EMV Migration

American Express will delay the EMV fraud liability shift due to complications from the coronavirus, following reports that Visa has made a similar concession.  More information may be found here.

05 May 2020
Visa Delays EMV Deadline for AFDs to April 2021

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, Visa is further delaying the EMV liability shift for U.S. domestic automated fuel dispenser (AFD) transactions until April 17, 2021.Please click on the following link for more information:

01 May 2020
Cleaning High Touch Surfaces

We are all doing our best to minimize COVID-19 risk by cleaning and sanitizing high-touch surfaces both in the c-store and at the fuel dispenser.  The following documentation provides guidance for cleaning and sanitizing high-touch areas at the pump, including nozzles, keypads and buttons,...

24 March 2020
Outdoor EMV Counterfeit Liability Shift - DO NOT EXPECT AN EXTENSION

Despite a formal request from NACS, as of today the Card Brands (Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover) have not indicated that they will delay the October 1, 2020 counterfeit liability shift in response to COVID-19. We do not anticipate any decisions or responses for several months.The...

24 March 2020
EMV, MNSP and PCI Compliance

2020 is officially here. October 1, 2020, marks the date on which petroleum retailers will be held responsible for credit card fraud that takes place at fuel dispensers that are not equipped to handle EMV transactions.   There are only 186 working days until the EMV liability shift and...

08 January 2020
Outdoor EMV Liability Shift: The Catastrophe we will all see Coming

As you are aware, on October 1, 2020, petroleum retailers will be held responsible for the credit card fraud that takes place at fuel pumps that are not equipped to handle EMV transactions.Upgrades to support these EMV transactions will be expensive.  Most independent operators do not have the...

09 December 2019