Ready for Liberty Pay? Here's what you need to know.

Ewing Oil and Liberty Petroleum have launched the new Liberty Pay App using P97 Networks Inc.’s PetroZone mobile commerce platform.  

POS requirements—P97 currently supports VeriFone (Commander and Ruby CI) base software 44.15 and higher and Gilbarco (Passport) version 11.01.G and higher.  In order to activate Liberty Pay, mobile and loyalty modules are required.   A 2D scanner for the Loyalty program is also required (for inside).

VeriFone Commander and Ruby CI

  • Mobile and loyalty modules are included in the EMV software at no additional cost

Gilbarco Passport 

  • The new Mobile Loyalty Suite which includes the Enhanced Loyalty Interface, Multiple Loyalty Interface, and Mobile Payment is available at a discounted rate for Liberty customers.  

Activating Liberty Pay—Setup is required with your credit card processor.  New terminal ID’s will be requested from your processor and sent to P97 and Merchant Link.   Once this setup is complete, a technician visit will need to be scheduled to complete the activation of Liberty Pay. 

Loyalty Portal—You will receive an email from P97 with a link to create your unique user name and password.  The portal will allow you to create and push personalized digital offers to your customers.

Marketing Materials—Dispenser decals and a startup packet of Liberty Pay flyers will be provided to you.  Some additional (optional) marketing ideas are as follows: 

  • Window Posters
  • Roadside Flags
  • Pump Toppers
  • Counter Mats 

Promote Liberty Pay at your station using Facebook and Twitter or any other social media platform.  There will also be a video “How-To” coming soon which will be made available to you.

Liberty Pay Offers a Seamless User Experience

  • Liberty Pay uses GPS to locate the nearest Liberty station
  • Customers are then able to purchase gas quickly and securely using their smartphone
  • Customers may also purchase products in store or in shop securely with their smartphone
  • Customers are able to receive personalized digital offers while at the station
  • Customers are able to securely attach multiple bank cards
  • Customers are able to track their purchases

Liberty Pay Workflow

  • Locate the nearest Liberty station
  • Select the Pump #
  • Enter the passcode on the dispenser
  • Select any available digital offers
  • A receipt is emailed, available in the app, and/or printed

Is Liberty Pay secure?  P97 is PCI-certified (Level 1 ROC).  No cardholder data or personal identifiable information is stored in either the retailer or P97 environments. Because your credit and debit cards never leave your wallet, zip code prompting and skimming are eliminated!  Safe and secure.

In summary—build meaningful relationships with your customers!  Reach new customers by transforming the way people shop and transact daily business with mobile commerce.  The speed and ease of use Liberty Pay provides minimizes customer wait times, improving customer acquisition, engagement and retention.  Give yourself the competitive advantage by signing up for Liberty Pay today.

Do you still have questions?  If you need assistance with the Liberty Pay set up, a recommendation for a technician to activate Liberty Pay, or artwork for marketing materials, please contact Chrissy Griffith via email at [email protected] or directly @ (301) 790-7411.

Now is the time to engage in mobile commerce!