Pennsylvania’s Skimming Law in Effect

The law criminalizes the act of placing skimming or scanning devices on ATMs and gas pumps.
HARRISON, Pa. – Pennsylvania’s new law that criminalizes putting scanning or skimming devices on ATMs and fuel pumps is now in effect.  The previous regulation made it hard for prosecutors to charge individuals who are trying to defraud the merchant, card issuer or authorized user with theft.
The new state law also classifies possession or sale of skimming devices as criminal. “[The new law] will hopefully serve as a further deterrent for criminals who want nothing more than to steal someone’s identity and disrupt our lives for their own benefit,” said state Rep. Kristin Phillips-Hill.
Earlier this summer, the U.S. Secret Service issued warnings to motorists to be careful when paying at the pump. Iowa also recently strengthened its state law about skimming, making it a felony to obtain data encoded on a credit or debit card without permission. In New York City, police have been testing the Skim Reaper, a device that helps retailers check pumps for skimmers.
August 31, 2018