Liberty PAY as a Relationship Builder

Have you considered adding Liberty PAY as a payment option?  Did you know that 73% of c-stores already have a loyalty program in place?  By enabling Liberty PAY you will be able to generate useful data and insights into customer behavior, generate and promote offers and rewards to your customer, and encourage repeat business!  Liberty PAY is ideal for building long-term relationships with your customers.  And, by enabling Liberty PAY, chargebacks are eliminated at the pump!

The best way to drive revenue, maintain margins, and encourage repeat customers is DATA.  As a fuel retailer you have an abundance of data at your disposal, such as how and when customers purchase fuel, in-store sales figures, and historical data that indicates fluctuations in cost and demand.  Through P97’s PetroZone Marketing Portal, Liberty PAY allows you to collect and use this data more effectively. 

The Liberty PAY loyalty program will help you to better understand your customer by looking into the behaviors and preferences of your best customers.  Track customer interactions across all areas of your business—both at the pump and inside your store.  These activities can then be associated with an individual customer, including what items they typically buy, if they visit the store after fueling up, and how much they are spending.   Having a better understanding of a customer’s behavior gives you the ability to create personalized offers, meeting their needs and expectations more effectively.  Using these insights is the key to engaging more customers, which means more profit for you!

Liberty PAY is a loyalty and marketing platform specifically designed for Liberty dealers.  Start building meaningful relationships with your customers! Reach new customers by transforming the way people shop and transact daily business with mobile commerce. Liberty PAY minimizes customer wait times, improving customer acquisition, engagement and retention. Give yourself the competitive advantage by signing up for Liberty PAY today! Fast. Easy. Secure. Liberty PAY is the new way to PAY!