Inclement Weather Procedures

We would like to remind you to please comply with the following in order to enable us to deliver your fuel:

1.      When clearing snow from your facility, it is essential that the fill covers remain visible.  Please do not pile snow on top of the fills.

2.      Please keep snow piles well away from the fills, keeping in mind that trucks need a good bit of room to maneuver into position.

3.      Try to avoid having snow piled up between the area that the truck parks and the fill.  Many times this requires an extra hose and makes the hoses very difficult to drain, potentially causing a spill.

4.      If you are expecting an overnight delivery (and bad weather is expected), we would appreciate if orange cones were placed on top of the fills.

5.      It is also very important to keep water out of the fill.  When frozen, this can make it virtually impossible to get the delivery elbow on the fill pipe.

Following these procedures enables us to provide you with the best service possible.