Important Information – New MasterCard® 2 Series BIN

MasterCard has introduced a new 2-series to their Bank Identification Numbers (BINs). A BIN is the initial six numbers that appear on a credit card and can be used to identify the card issuing institution. Adding this new BIN will not only affect cardholders but everyone using integrated point-of-sale systems and/or stand-alone payment terminals. Merchants must be able to accept and support the new 2-series bin range in card-present and card-not-present payment acceptance channels. If your terminal is not set-up to accept the new 2 series bin, you will not be able to process the transaction resulting in a loss of sale.
MasterCard expects all merchants to accept the new card starting in early 2017. Effective June 2017, MasterCard will begin conducting field tests and any merchants that cannot properly support and accept a 2-series card will be fined, until they are compliant. 
Please contact your local POS systems technician or your POS systems help desk to make sure you can accept the new BIN. For your convenience, help desk contact information is listed below. Legacy POS systems, such as Ruby and Sapphire will require a technician visit. 
 Verifone Help Desk: 1-888-976-5018
 Gilbarco Help Desk: 1-800-743-7501
 Comdata Help Desk: 1-800-833-8680
 NCR Help Desk: 1-316-260-1560