Heartland, PCI Compliance, and MNSP - Who and When to Call


Heartland Payment Systems

Help Desk telephone number:  (800) 578-7043

Information needed when calling:  DBA Name, address, telephone number, and MID

When to call:

1)  Issues with processing – is the network down or is there another problem?

2)  Questions regarding a deposit to your account

3)  Questions related to chargebacks and assistance with the dispute process

4)  Issues with the InfoCentral Portal       

Heartland’s Merchant Protection Portal for PCI Compliance

Help Desk telephone number:  (800) 648-4927

What is the Merchant Protection Program?  The program provides access to an online portal to assist with completion of the required annual Self-Assessment Questionnaire (SAQ) and quarterly vulnerability scans.

When to call:

1)  Unable to log on to the Sysnet Portal and you need your credentials resent to you

2)  Assistance is needed to complete and SAQ

3)  Assistance is needed with scan remediation

Managed Network Service Provider (MNSP)

Help Desk phone numbers:

Hughes - (844) 639-7243

PaySafe (PDI) - (800) 393-3246

Mako - (800) 851-4691, Option 1

Cybera - (866) 429-2372, Option 1

Acumera - (512) 687-7401

What is an MNSP?  MNSP increases store security, while meeting PCI requirements.  The move to MNSP was dictated by the credit card brands.

What MNSP is not.  MNSP is not the same as PCI compliance.  The only association to PCI compliance is that MNSP increases store security through segmentation of the credit card environment.  Do not contact your MNSP for assistance in completing your SAQ and quarterly scans.  MNSP is not a Heartland program.

When to call:

1)  For technical support or to report an issue

2)  Questions regarding your MNSP’s configuration