Frequently Asked Questions

How long has Ewing Oil been in business?
Ewing Oil Company has been a distributor of quality petroleum products since 1965.

What is a petroleum distributor?
A petroleum distributor or "jobber" has a contractual relationship with one or more major oil companies to utilize their brand and sell and distribute their fuels and lubricants through retail outlets such as service stations and convenience stores. The distributor location must adhere to the same image and customer service standards as any outlet that is served directly by each of the major oil companies.

How can I get started in the gasoline business?
You can purchase an existing gas station/C-store currently in operation or develop a property to accommodate gasoline and other profit centers.

What brands of gasoline does Ewing sell?
Ewing Oil Company represents BP, Citgo, Crown, and Liberty, and also markets unbranded fuels. Some brands have territorial boundaries that determine which brand is available in a specific area. Please contact our sales personnel for details.

Will Ewing Oil Company invest in my station?
Ewing Oil Company offers a variety of branding options that may include investment in the petroleum marketing equipment at your facility. We are flexible with our arrangements, and will work hard to put together a deal that works best for your individual business environment.

Does this require entering into a complicated contract?
Ewing Oil Company takes pride in the fact that unlike many of our competitors, our supply agreement is a straightforward three-page document.

Why should I choose Ewing Oil Company to supply my station over other competitors?
Ewing Oil Company’s benchmark since 1965 has been our commitment to customer satisfaction. We have the right brand and investment package to maximize your business' potential. Unlike many smaller distributors, Ewing operates its own transport delivery system and has our own factory-trained equipment service technicians. Ewing Oil's environmental department is also available to address customer concerns. Our sales representatives each average over 20 years in the business – and that level of experience counts.

Who do I contact to get more information?
Visit our Contact page for a full listing of contacts by location or name, along with general corporate contact information.