MNSP and POS Security

In 2019, both of the leading retail petroleum POS platform providers, Verifone and Gilbarco, will transition from directly providing a network security solution to a certified Managed Network Service Provider (MNSP) program.  This has been prompted by the network brands who have made MNSP a requirement.  To maintain secure remote access for helpdesk support and software updates, both Verifone Commander and Gilbarco Passport customers must transition to a certified MNSP. Using a certified MNSP is also a key requirement for supporting outdoor EMV transactions. 

Managed Network Service Provider Program (Gilbarco & VeriFone)

As you are now aware, Verifone and Gilbarco have implemented the new Managed Network Service Provider (MNSP) certification program to help sites enable EMV at the dispenser and to provide a more secure remote support and software distribution process.  This move to an MNSP program has been prompted by a requirement from the network brands.  To implement MNSP configuration, sites will be required to remove the end-of-lifed Verifone EZRs and Gilbarco RVO42 zone routers to this newer, more secure technology. 

VeriFone Managed Network Service Provider Program

As announced in December 2018, continued support for outdoor EMV will require the deployment of a Managed Network Service Provider (MNSP) Solution.  VeriFone has been working with each MNSP partner to ensure that the requirements for outdoor EMV are established to streamline the conversion and ongoing support of additional networking requirements for sites installed with VeriFone POS systems. 

VeriFone EMV Software Installation Information

As previously mentioned, there have been problems with the installation of the new VeriFone EMV software.  Working with VeriFone, First Data and several vendors, the following information is being provided to assist you with the EMV software upgrade.  
Prior to upgrading, please keep in mind the following:  
  • Site should have a VeriFone Zone Router installed with the internet connection plugged into the “payment controller” port on the Commander/Ruby CI;

EMV Software for the VeriFone Commander and Ruby CI is NOW AVAILABLE

EMV Software for the VeriFone Commander and Ruby CI is NOW AVAILABLE.  For sites that have already made hardware upgrades, please contact the VeriFone Help Desk and request Version 3.02.22, which is the software supporting EMV.  In order for the remote download to take place (and all future downloads) the Automatic Download feature must be turned on.  Your tech should have done this at the time of install.  If this feature has not been turned on, you will need to contact your vendor and an on-site tech vi