How to Protect Your Location from Skimming

What is skimming and how is data being stolen?

As you are aware, skimming is a form of payment card fraud and theft when thieves obtain unauthorized data to sell the information on the dark web, use the account to make purchases online, and create cloned credit cards that they often use to engage in stealing fuel. Thieves break into fuel dispensers using universal keys and specialty tools that can be bought online or at your local hardware store.

There are two types of skimmers: 

Pennsylvania’s Skimming Law in Effect

The law criminalizes the act of placing skimming or scanning devices on ATMs and gas pumps.
HARRISON, Pa. – Pennsylvania’s new law that criminalizes putting scanning or skimming devices on ATMs and fuel pumps is now in effect.  The previous regulation made it hard for prosecutors to charge individuals who are trying to defraud the merchant, card issuer or authorized user with theft.