Heartland Payment Systems

Heartland Payment Systems, LLC (Heartland) has over 34 years of experience in the Petro/C-Store Space.  Processing 4 billion credit and debit card transactions and $120 billion in volume annually, Heartland is one of the largest payment processors in the United States.  

Heartland offers best-in-class solutions.  By operating their proprietary data center, Heartland is able to offer benefits that include: 

  • Lower costs to you—by leveraging their own technology investment.
  • Credit cards will be processed at a transaction fee of $.045 plus interchange pass-through.
  • Pin debit will be processed at a transaction fee of $.045 plus interchange pass-through.
  • Security—their platform has passed an independent verification process validating compliance with Visa requirements for data security.
  • Reliability—they maintain a complete backup processing facility in a separate location to ensure continuous transaction processing for customers around the clock.

The Heartland boarding process consists of a 1-page form to be completed by the dealer.

Other benefits to Heartland’s services include:

  • simplified statements
  • all cards are paid at the same time, including Wright Express (within 48 hours)
  • no micronode required
  • a 24/7 petroleum only Help Desk with calls typically answered in 6 seconds or less
  • an outstanding on-line reporting portal called Info Central
  • zip code prompting at no additional cost

PCI Compliance assistance is also available, using a company called Control Scan.           

  • $8.50/month (compared to $19.95/month)
  • SAQ assistance is included in the fee
  • provides a $100,000 breach warranty





Heartland Payment Systems