Examples of Different Types of Skimmers

Attached are examples of different types of skimmers. 

29 August 2016
Skimming Attacks are on the Rise

With skimming attacks on the rise, protecting yourselves from these types of attacks is of the utmost importance.  As a reminder, gas station owners should be made aware that gas skimmers are being installed inside gas pumps. The best way to prevent and detect the installation is to use...

26 August 2016
The Real EMV Risk

As you consider an investment in upgrading your gas pumps to EMV, there’s more to consider than the EMV liability shift.  The following CSP article by Patriot Capital’s Richard Browne discusses the other impacts of EMV to enable you to make an informed discussion on the pros and cons of EMV....

15 August 2016
Should I add mobile when upgrading to EMV?

 As you evaluate upgrading to EMV on your fuel dispensers (gas pumps), an additional consideration is upgrading to mobile payment.  The following CSP article lays out the considerations and benefits of including the ability to accept Android Pay, Apple Pay, and other mobile wallets in...

15 August 2016
Near Field Communication and Mobile Payments

In 2016, mobile payments are expected to triple in the US, reaching $27 billion.   So, exactly how do mobile payments work and what is Near Field Communication (NFC)?  In simplified terms, NFC is a method of transferring wireless data that detects and then enables technology in close...

07 July 2016
Visa Improves Limits on EMV Chargebacks to Compliant Retailers

Visa has announced new chargeback policies that will be in effect from July 22 until April, 2018. These changes are designed to safeguard EMV-compliant merchants against liability for fraudulent credit and debit card transactions. Chargebacks under $25 that are due to counterfeit fraud in the U.S....

06 July 2016
Visa Simplifies EMV Certification to Address Implementation Issues

To address retailers concerns about the time required to achieve EMV certification, and the related chargebacks retailers have been hit with since October 2015's EMV liability shift for fraudulent purchases, Visa has announced simplified testing requirements.  They also will prohibit...

06 July 2016
Retirement of Craig Meredith

We would like to take this opportunity to inform our dealers that Craig Meredith, Manager of our Pump and Tank Service Department, has retired after forty years of dedicated service.  Robert Shelley has assumed the responsibilities of the Pump and Tank Service Department.  Should you have...

20 June 2016
PCI Data Security Standard 3.2

The Payment Card Industry Security Standards Council (PCI SSC) has published a new version of the industry standard that businesses use to safeguard payment data before, during, and after purchase.  PCI Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) 3.2 replaces 3.1 to address growing threats to customer...

25 May 2016
Passport EMV Version 11.01 Software is now Available

EMV software for the Passport (Version 11.01) has officially been released for most generic networks, including the First Data network.  Please contact your POS provider to schedule installation of the new software as soon as possible.  Software upgrades will be scheduled on a first come...

23 May 2016