Ways to Boost Dispenser Security

Data breaches at the pump are becoming more and more frequent.  Thieves are installing skimming devices at the pump to steal card account information.  The Petroleum Convenience Alliance for Technology Standards (PCATS) Data Security Group has developed some best practices to help secure data at the pump.  Here are some of their suggestions:  monitor dispensers for high levels of bad card reads or problems accepting cards; create a security check list for your cashiers; train store personnel to perform daily dispenser security checks (using security strips taped on dispensers can help to detect tampering); periodically have a qualified service provider inspect the inside of the dispenser payment terminal for tampering; train store personnel to ask for identification of technicians and confirm scheduled work prior to work being performed on the Point of Sale (POS) or the dispensers; position store personnel and the POS in such a way as to give employees an unobstructed view of the dispensers and make sure that the forecourt is well-lit; replace common dispenser payment terminal door locks with locks unique to the location; upgrade the dispenser’s flat membrane keypads to PCI-compliant encrypting PIN pads; and use video surveillance to discourage unauthorized access to the dispensers, posting signs that monitors are in place.