VeriFone Managed Network Service Provider Program

As announced in December 2018, continued support for outdoor EMV will require the deployment of a Managed Network Service Provider (MNSP) Solution.  VeriFone has been working with each MNSP partner to ensure that the requirements for outdoor EMV are established to streamline the conversion and ongoing support of additional networking requirements for sites installed with VeriFone POS systems. 

Effective May 1, 2019, the VeriFone Enhanced Zone Router (EZR) was marked end-of-life (EOL).  The EZR provided sites with the ability to isolate EPOS data from other network data, while also providing the Verifone Help Desk remote access visibility.  With the EOL announcement, you will now be required to work with a VeriFone certified MNSP to provide this functionality.  Again, deploying a device with a certified MNSP will be required to implement outdoor EMV.

There are now six certified MNSP partners, with additional partners coming soon.  They are listed as follows:

·        Acumera,, (512) 687-7410

·        ControlScan,, (859) 685-4005

·        Cybera,, (770) 310-3040

·        MAKO Networks,, (800) 851-4691

·        Hughes Networks,, (844) 639-7243

·        Omega,, (610) 639-7996

·        Sage Net, (866) 480-2263

All certified partners have successfully completed the validation and are currently supporting sites. 

Connected EZR’s in the field will continue to be supported until the conversion to outdoor EMV, or a future date in Q1 of 2020.