VeriFone EMV Software Installation Information

As previously mentioned, there have been problems with the installation of the new VeriFone EMV software.  Working with VeriFone, First Data and several vendors, the following information is being provided to assist you with the EMV software upgrade.  
Prior to upgrading, please keep in mind the following:  
  • Site should have a VeriFone Zone Router installed with the internet connection plugged into the “payment controller” port on the Commander/Ruby CI;
  • VeriFone’s Viper payment server needs to be installed on the indoor pin pad;
  • First Data must be notified 5 days in advance of the conversion to set up Rapid Connect;
  • VeriFone must be given 48 hours to activate the EMV software for the Commander/Ruby CI; and
  • Instructions must be precisely followed.  If you have any concerns you may want to consider contacting your vendor.
As part of the deployment of indoor EMV software for VeriFone POS customers processing payment transactions on the First Data platform, VeriFone has implemented the First Data EMV Transition Support Team to assist in the migration from First Data’s Legacy ATL-105 platform to the modern Rapid Connect platform.  The EMV upgrade process involves a host change which means VeriFone POS clients must request a new Buypass ID from First Data prior to the actual software upgrade. First Data is requesting 5 days advance notice to build the new Buypass ID.  
Customers (active Help Desk required) wishing to take advantage of the support transition team should visit the following site to begin the process:
2. Click on the Banner link that says TECH SUPPORT CHAT OR EMAIL
3. Select EMV
4. Select Email
5. Select Buypass EMV Conversion Request to submit your request
If you choose not to utilize the assistance of the First Data EMV Migration Team, an EMV deployment playbook with all steps necessary to transition networks is available at (From the homepage select Support Channels→ Petro and Convenience→ Products and Services→ EMV→ Buypass Generic→ First Data Rapid Connect EMV Guide.)  
In addition to requesting the new Buypass ID, you must also contact the VeriFone Help Desk and request Version 3.02.22, which is the software supporting EMV.  Once the Help Desk has been contacted it will take 48 hours for the software to be made available for download.  Please visit, click on the Tech Support Chat or Email banner, and make the following selections from the drop down menu:
Please select the Department/Category for your Chat/Email *
Petro and Convenience
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VRSD Upgrade Request
 Also keep in mind that at the time of the software upgrade, you will also need to update your back office software with Version 3.02.22.