Tax Rate Changes effective January 1, 2017

As you may be aware, several tax rates are increasing on January 1, 2017.  The tax rates increasing are as follows:
Federal Oil Spill Recovery is increasing from $.0019 per gallon to $.00214 per gallon.
Pennsylvania Excise Tax for Gasoline is increasing from 50.3 cents per gallon to 58.2 cents per gallon.
Pennsylvania Excise Tax for Diesel Fuel is increasing from 64 cents per gallon to 74.7 cents per gallon.
New Jersey Petroleum Products Gross Receipts Tax for Diesel Fuel will increase from 4.0 cents per gallons to 19.9 cents per gallon.
Due to the tax increases noted above, price notifications will be posted for December 31, 2016 AND January 1, 2017.  The January 1, 2017 prices will reflect the tax increases mentioned above.