Skimming Attacks are on the Rise

With skimming attacks on the rise, protecting yourselves from these types of attacks is of the utmost importance.  

As a reminder, gas station owners should be made aware that gas skimmers are being installed inside gas pumps. The best way to prevent and detect the installation is to use security seals and make frequent inspections. Security seals are placed over the panel opening area and/or over locks of the gas pumps.  If a broken security seal is observed, the information should be reported immediately. All broken seals should require the internal inspection of the gas pump before placing a new security seal on the pump and putting the pump into service.

It is important to take necessary precautions, including: installing security tape; vigilant visual inspection multiple times per day; shutting down pay at the pump nearest the street; zip code prompt, and possibly investing in pump locks.  

Please report any suspicious activity immediately to the local police.