October 2016 Visa Data Shows Rise in EMV-Enabled Merchants

Visa said Monday (November 21, 2016) that its latest chip data update showed 388 million Visa EMV cards in the U.S. Of those, the firm said there are nearly 181 million chip credit cards in the field and 208.3 million chip debit cards.
The firm also said that there are 1.7 million chip-active locations across the country. The 1.7 million tally, up 191 percent in the past year, represents 37 percent of all storefronts nationwide, according to Visa’s statistics.
As for security, the firm said there has been a 43 percent decline in counterfeit fraud, as measured by year-over-year activity. The total volume of chip-on-chip transactions across the U.S., said Visa, stood at 40 billion transactions, which is 41 percent of the firm’s in-store payment volume.
Information provided by PYMNTS, posted on November 22, 2016