MNSP Hughes Networks Landing Page

In 2019, both Verifone and Gilbarco, are transitioning from directly providing a network security solution to a certified Managed Network Service Provider (MNSP) program.  This move has been prompted by the network brands who have made MNSP a requirement.  To maintain secure remote access for helpdesk support and software updates, both Verifone Commander and Gilbarco Passport customers must transition to a certified MNSP. Using a certified MNSP is also a key requirement for supporting outdoor EMV transactions.

This new method requires a PCI-certified managed firewall.  The new managed firewall will prepare you to implement EMV at the dispenser and increase store security, while meeting mandated PCI requirements.  For Gilbarco dealers, a zone routing solution will be required with the release of Passport Version 12.02 and to enable EMV at the forecourt.  For VeriFone dealers, the requirement to work with a certified MNSP will be required to implement outdoor EMV. 

Ewing Oil has negotiated special pricing with Hughes Networks

Visit for more information.  In order to take advantage of this special pricing, orders must be received no later than November 30, 2019.