Managed Network Service Provider Program (MNSP): What MNSP is and what MNSP is Not


As you are aware by now, both Gilbarco and VeriFone are making MNSP a requirement.  This move, prompted by the network brands (Visa, MasterCard, etc.), is mandatory and will be required prior to upgrading to Gilbarco Version 12.02 and VeriFone outdoor EMV software.

In an effort to alleviate some of the confusion surrounding MNSP, Ewing Oil hopes that the following is helpful to you:

What MNSP is NOT:

  • MNSP is not a replacement for your credit card processor.
  • MNSP is not a replacement for EMV.
  • While MNSP will increase store security, it does not remove the requirement of completing your annual PCI Self-Assessment Questionnaire and required scans.
  • MNSP is not optional.

What MNSP is/requires/does:

  • MNSP is being mandated by the network brands (Visa, MasterCard, etc.)
  • MNSP is a requirement for both Gilbarco and VeriFone.
  • MNSP requires a PCI-certified managed firewall (a firewall and managed switch), which can only be provided by an approved CERTIFIED MNSP.
  • MNSP requires removing the end-of-lifed Gilbarco Cisco RV042 and VeriFone Enhanced Zone routers.
  • The MNSP program requires a significant change to your store's network architecture. 
  • MNSP will prepare you to implement EMV at the dispenser.
  • MNSP will increase store security, while meeting mandated PCI requirements.

Early action now will protect you from being lost in the chaos of every dealer in the petroleum industry trying to meet the requirement of MNSP at the same time.  Proper planning now will enable you to minimize disruption.

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