Managed Network Service Provider Program (Gilbarco & VeriFone)

As you are now aware, Verifone and Gilbarco have implemented the new Managed Network Service Provider (MNSP) certification program to help sites enable EMV at the dispenser and to provide a more secure remote support and software distribution process.  To implement MNSP configuration, sites will be required to remove the end-of-lifed Verifone EZRs and Gilbarco RVO42 zone routers to this newer, more secure technology. 

This new method requires a PCI-certified managed firewall (an All-In-One firewall and zone router).  Removing the old zone routers will prepare you to implement EMV at the dispenser and increase store security, while meeting mandated PCI requirements. 

For Gilbarco dealers, a zone routing solution will be required with the release of Passport Version 12.02 and to enable EMV at the forecourt.  For VeriFone dealers, the requirement to work with a certified MNSP will be required to implement outdoor EMV. 

The following vendors have been certified under the MNSP Programs: 



Acumera ( (512) 687-7410 

ControlScan ( (859) 685-4005 

Cybera ( (770) 310-3040 

MAKO Networks ( (800) 851-4691 

Hughes Network ( (240) 505-2363 

Omega ( (610) 639-7996 

Sage Net (866) 480-2263


Acumera ( (512) 687-7410 

ControlScan ( (800) 825-3301 

Cybera ( (866) 4-CYBERA 

MAKO Networks ( (800) 851-4691 

Hughes Network ( (240) 505-2363 

Omega ( (636) 557-7777

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