Gilbarco Secure Zone Router/Managed Network Service Provider Solution

Gilbarco recently announced the Secure Zone Router (SZR) Solution.  The SZR is the networking solution for high-speed connectivity that connects all the Passport and Gilbarco-Veeder Root IP-enabled devices at your site. 

The solution comprises of the router, an embedded zone routing software application, and managed switch(es). 

The SZR will replace the Cisco RV042 router, which will reach its end-of-life at the end of this year.   Minimum requirements will include broadband internet being enabled at your site and a Perimeter Security Firewall in place to ensure PCI DSS compliance with your network.  (For non-broadband capable sites, there are cellular connectivity options available to you.)  The SZR brings high-speed diagnostics, remote routing changes and fixes, and enhanced security for an ever-changing PCI environment.   There will be no additional ongoing costs for using the SZR as a zone routing solution, provided your site has current PSO and the broadband connection.  Remote software downloads will be available through a subscription with a Managed Network Service Provider (MNSP).

A zone routing solution with an MNSP will be required with the release of Passport Version 12.02 and to enable EMV at the forecourt.  Acumera, ControlScan, Cybera, Mako Networks, Hughes Network Systems and Omega have all been certified for high-speed connectivity and remote access and can supply All-In-One site perimeter firewall and zone routing solutions.  Contact information is provided below:

·        Acumera,, (512) 687-7410

·        ControlScan,,  (800) 825-3301

·        Cybera,, (866) 4-CYBERA

·        MAKO Networks,, (800) 851-4691

·        Hughes Networks,, (844) 639-7243

·        Omega,, (636) 557-7777